When bereaved Go Digital via www.celebratelife.co.ke. This is an easy to use, friendly website tool letting you make funeral announcement, appreciation to those who assisted you during your funeral, make memorial announcements, anniversaries announcement, do much more and is the home of great and rich legacies of all our departed heroes. This is the only website forum where family, relatives, friends and community meet to share in grief as they wish to keep their loved one's memory alive. It helps cherish your loved one and share the memories forever.

We have numerous features that we developed with the bereaved family solutions. All the features reflect your loved one's life and personality and are tailored to the needs of family, friends and relatives.

Write Announcement

Write your loved one's funeral announcements and tell the story. The unlimited text box allows you to tell everything about your loved one. You can also edit to add or remove other texts, make the announcement in any language you wish.

Pictures and Photos of the deceased.

You can add as many pictures and photos and insert captions that remind the bereaved family of special memories of your loved one. The pictures and photos will be available on slide show and will be store forever on the website.

Condolence Book and Pay tribute.

Relatives, friends and family don’t need to be physically present to sign condolence book, guest book and pay tribute. Visitors, relatives and friends can easily sign the book to let you know they are together with you during this difficult time. Pay Tribute: Telling Stories about someone is way for family and friends to share their own personal memories of the person who has passed away. During the burial a well designed book will be delivered to the next of kin with all details of the condolence book signing, guestbook inscriptions and guest list.

Gospel Music

The next of kin will choose upto five multiple songs.


Lighting of candles are a great way to celebrate special memories, or just to let the world know that you are thinking of your departed loved ones. The animated candle can be lit as many as the number of year your departed loved ones lived.


Bereaved family can embed videos of their loved one from any of the popular video sharing sites like YouTube. The videos will be available on our website for a lifetime.


You can easily share all the announcements contents with family and friends on all social media like facebook, tweeter, G+ and send contents with email invites for family, relatives and friends to view the contents and make their contributions.

Access any time

The announcements are accessible anytime any day before the deceased is buried. You can access via mobile phone or computer internet. The next of kin has the power to edit the announcements anytime and in real time. The next of kin will be given a special password to enable this.