Funeral Communication has metamophosized since 1900. In early 1900 people relied on fire to communicate to another. When one died in those days, people would light up fires at night and the fire would signify that death had occurred in that community.

When the radio waves hit Kenya in the 1960s, the whole model of funeral announcements procedure changed. The AM Radio frequencies were used to make funeral announcements at particularly times. At the same time print media started to publish obituaries pages and to date a number of local radio FM station have perfected the process of funeral announcements.

Local FM station charges per word which at the end of an announcement culminate to over thousands. Local DAILY NATIONAL NEWSPAPERS charges over Ksh. 14,000 for black and white and over 24,000 for colored print announcements.

What the bereaved have never stopped to ask is what value does putting up an announcement on daily newspaper or announcing on local FM station will add. It is a common knowledge that when one dies at least in the next one hour all those who will be crucial to him or her will be aware of the loss. Then why would we use so much money to go publish obituaries on daily papers?

Fast forward to 2014 the government of Kenya has embraced digitalizing of its services and funeral announcements has already adopted to e-announcement online

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