A. Rate Card for Announcements, Adverts & Links Activation

  1. Transition Announcement:
    • Premier VIP Plus is Ksh. 14,000 limited to 20 announcements only
    • Gold Premium Ksh. 8,500.00
    • Bronze is Ksh. 2,500.00
    • Free Announcement plan is Ksh. 0.00. Image, and names deatails only
    • Unidentified Person Publishing is free for 21 days impressions
    • Lost Person Publishing is from Ksh. 15,500 for 5 day impressions
  2. Publicity of Funeral Funds Drive, Harambee
  3. Putting up a commercial advert on GO TO SHOP
  4. Putting up Commercial Advert on Funds Drive and Harambee Meeting Venue tab;
  5. Putting up Commercial Advert on Funeral Insurance Provider tab;
  6. Activation Links on Funeral Homes tab;

B. Rate Card for Designing & Printing

  • Funeral Programs is from Ksh. 30 each. Minimum Order is 250 pieces
  • Prayer Cards or Bookmarks is from Ksh. 10. Minimum Order is 500 pieces
  • Designing and Printing Customized Condolence Book is from Ksh. 300
  • Supply of Customized Funeral Financial Accounting Booklet is from Ksh. 250
  • Thank You Notes is from Ksh. 100. Minimum Order is 50 pieces
  • Tribute Banner measuring from 2metres by 0.5metres is from Ksh. 6,000
  • Memorial T-shirts is from Ksh. 300. Minimum Order is 30 pieces.
  • Designing and Printing of up to 50 pages of A3 Booklet of all photos taken at Funeral Home, Church Service, and Photos on the journey to Funeral/Home, Photos taken during Funeral Service. Each Booklet is from Ksh.15,000

C. Rate Card for Photography& Videography

  • Full Package is from Ksh. 100,000 pre-planned for 3 days to funeral date and one day church service
  • Partial Package is from Ksh. 50,000 pre-planned during church service
  • On call is from Ksh. 6,500 per hour

D. Rate Card for Other Consumables

  • Consoling Memorial Gospel Videos mixed with images and videos of the deceased up to three hours long in DVD or VCD is from  Ksh. 500 each and Minimum Order is 100 copies.
  • LCD Projector and Screen Display of Consoling Videos connected to projected sound and overnight is from Ksh. 20,000 for 48 hours.

E. Rate Card for Other Announcements, Publishing, Activation & Live Streaming

  • Appreciation Publishing is from Ksh. 10,500 for 5 day impressions
  • Memorial Announcements is from Ksh. 21,000 for 7 day impressions
  • Anniversary Announcements is from Ksh. 21,000 for 7 day impressions
  • Great Legacy Permanent Publishing is from Ksh. 100,000 to Ksh. 1,000,000 one off.
  • Activating Statistical Data of County Social Security Death Index Per County on (CSSDI) tab; is Negotiable with Individual County Governments
  • Live streaming of Funeral Service via www.celebratelife.co.ke for worldwide audience is from Ksh. 50,000 per hour. Minimum Hours order is three hours and Maximum Hours order is ten hours.